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Central Illinois/Springfield Careers

Why Work with The Real Estate Group?

In 2013, the state of Illinois handed out more than 90,000 agent and broker licenses to hopeful real estate workers. Now that you have your license, you’re probably faced with several company options, all of whom provide different opportunities for realtors. The Real Estate Group would like to put your questions to rest and invite you to work with us for several reasons.

Central Location

You’ve probably learned that the guiding principle in real estate is location, location, location. This applies to companies as well as properties. The Real Estate Group is located in the heart of Springfield, Illinois, putting us three hours from Chicago, so we experience traffic from those who want to relocate or commute to nearby areas. Our location also lets us serve many areas and types of clients at once. We don’t only serve large cities; plenty of our real estate business comes from small towns or villages, such as Chatham. We’re able to serve entire regions, including most of Southern Illinois. Our clientele is different every day, guaranteeing an exciting and rewarding job.

Large, But Warm Environment

We have more than 110 agents ready to serve Central Illinois and the surrounding areas. That might intimidate some agents, but we at The Real Estate Group want you to feel as though we take a personal interest in you. When you come to work with us, we train you in exactly how our business and office culture work so you can ensure you’ve found the right fit.

We’ll also do our best to match you with clients interested in property types you are passionate about. In our time as a company, we have sold everything from single-family homes to multi-acre farmland, to golf courses and resorts. You’ll have a job that involves not only selling property, but interacting with clients and enjoying the journey toward closing.

Why Become an Agent?

Maybe you aren’t sure you want to become an agent just yet. Perhaps you are in the process of getting an agent or broker license and are having second thoughts. The Real Estate Group encourages you to keep pursuing real estate. It’s a fast-growing market, particularly in Illinois. It also boasts many intrinsic benefits, such as:

  • Face-to-face interaction. As our world becomes more dependent on online technology, personal interactions can get lost in the shuffle. The Real Estate Group has several online tools for our agents and clients, but the nature of the business requires you to interact on a personal level, get to know buyers and sellers, and widen your social circle.

  • Knowledge about new areas. Some agents come into real estate not knowing much about a specific property type or the needs of certain clientele and feeling nervous or lost. At The Real Estate Group, you’ll be exposed to several client and property types, so your confidence will grow along with your knowledge.

  • Opportunities to give back. When you work in real estate, you are helping people find homes and land they will make their own. Many of our clients have faced tough times and count on their homes to be sanctuaries. As an agent, you can provide that for them, earning their appreciation and gratification.