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Relocation – Central Illinois/Springfield

The Group's Relocation Specialists can assist with many of the aspects that make working and living in Springfield and Central Illinois a positive and exciting experience. Our goals are to provide information, assist clients navigating through the home finding process and community orientation. We provide the solutions to help make the community feel like home. Please complete this form for assistance and we're glad to help!

The American economy continues to improve, but the process remains slow. Therefore, families have to work harder to find and keep jobs, and relocation becomes a reality for increasing numbers of people each year. If at all possible, most people prefer to stay in their home state but may have a difficult time deciding where to go. In a state like Illinois where the population is near 13 million, this decision can be mind-boggling. We at The Real Estate Group would like to encourage you to consider relocation to Southern Illinois or Springfield.

Springfield Illinois Relocation

Springfield, fondly called the Land of Lincoln, is one of the state’s most active cities, both educationally and physically. Residents find no shortage of things to do here, from touring historical sites like the Lincoln Presidential Museum to hiking in bucolic areas like the Adams Wildlife Sanctuary. The city was originally named for Springfield, Massachusetts, but has since developed a culture all its own. Many of its residents have Irish, German, Polish, and Italian backgrounds, combining the traditions and experiences of northern and central Europe with the Mediterranean regions. African-American, Hispanic, and Asian populations grow daily as well, adding more traditions and flavors to the state’s melting pot.

Springfield’s children grow up educated and eager to learn. The city serves not only the “mainstream” K-12 population, but also unique populations such as preschool-age children in special education and non-traditional students, including adults. Even outside the schools, adults and children are regularly inundated with learning opportunities. The Looking for Lincoln Heritage Center, for example, partners with several rural communities to bring Lincoln and the Civil War era to life.